About Thomas

I have been described as a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, surrounded by several large flat screen monitors. I am that cool creative guy with a passion for art, design, marketing, branding and web development technology. I pride myself on being a person you can count on to make sure everything gets done properly, on time and with a rave review by your client upon completion of the project (even when that means sitting in front of a computer until 1 a.m.)

I have over twelve years of experience and can manage a project from start to finish. I have a creative approach to problem-solving, a passion for design with purpose, and a desire to provide a product on-time with the resources available.

My career has spanned numerous venues: corporate, graphic studio, art department and government on contract and hourly basis. I’ve held responsibilities in design, training, production, supervision and final execution of branding, collateral, visual identity, brochures, catalogs, ads, and web design.

In addition to having artistic talent, I am an organized time-based planner; detail-oriented, systematic and skilled at simplifying project information, while having excellent craft and making use of best working practices. I am friendly, enjoy keeping up with current design trends, and can work individually or as part of a team.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to introduce myself. Following is a small taste of my work. You will see a broad range of projects that are as unique and individual as my clients. I would love to share my passion with your company.

Are you looking for a talented designer you can really count on?